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  • Thanks Oracle's java Team. java is a powerfull langage. Thank you Google for Android, the best os for touch devices. BTW, we hope one day both of you can shake hands. Java is worth it.
  • Free-visit uses a fair number of OPEN SOURCE APIs. The list is long. It would have been impossible without them. Thanks again to all those wonderfull developers.
  • A big thank you to the Small team of super talented french people doing the best API for 3D : BabylonJS. My player owns a lot to you guys. And big thank to Microsoft who can show the way for wonderfull Open source API.
  • I thank the few people that encouraged me over the last years to persue my dream with free-visit. It did acually change from the normal saturday evening question "But haven't Apple Microsoft or Google allready made this ?".



 Thank you all !!

  • Grahalm Relf (UK) has helped me a lot with his grip API. With a few line I replaced dozen of code of the not-maintained oracle's JAI API. Thanks man, you saved my day.
  • I also thank all the people implicated in this cool java3D API. Free-visit would't have been possible without Sun-Oracle's java3D API.
  • Thanks David Catuhe for this incredible babylon js api. I have nerver seen such a simple API. BabylonJs is just a pleasure to program...
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